Are you just too busy to do everything to run your business?

If so, I can help! I can help you free up some of your time so you can focus on the things only you can do. Whether a single project or a long-term assignment, I can help by:

  • Set up WordPress web sites and blogs
  • Review and answer emails
  • Monitor blogs, forums, and email groups
  • Post to blogs and social media
  • Prepare and send email to your lists (campaigns and eNewsletters)
  • Create brochures
  • Correct typos on your web site
  • Edit articles, emails, etc.
  • Help with technical work
  • Bookkeeping (QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online, I also have a working relationship with an Accountant)
  • Create spreadsheets
  • Prepare PowerPoint slides
  • Enter data
  • Make phone calls
  • Help with customer support
  • Set up meetings on the web
  • Set up teleconferences
  • Help with travel arrangements
  • Send cards and gifts to clients
  • Outsourcing, when necessary
  • Just about anything else

Ask me, and I’ll get it done. I network with other Virtual Assistants who can also help in their area of expertise.

I am a fast learner, and have used many programs (I couldn’t list them all in the Software area). Ask me, and I’ll get it done.